Self Indexing Nylon Magazine for Multi Shot Falcon and RWS Air Rifles

Self Indexing Nylon Magazine for Multi Shot Falcon and RWS Air Rifles

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Replacement self indexing magazine for Falcon Multi-shot Air Rifles.

Compatible with Falcon FN19 and Prairie Models

Compatible with RWS LR20 and LR25

Compatible with Air Arms S200 using separate adapter:

This magazine uses a different system to the OEM Falcon and is more reliable. It is spring loaded and automatically index as soon as the pellet probe is withdrawn. It operates independently of the Falcon indexing mechanism (which can be removed or left in place). They are easy to load and much more reliable than the original Falcon system.

Maximum Pellet Length 8.8 mm

177 - 9 Shot

22 - 8 Shot

Please see this youtube review below for guidance on use:


Instructions and Warnings

Magazine Loading

  • To load the magazine hold with the text facing you.
  • DO NOT insert a pellet into the visible hole (22 only). 
  • Rotate the drum so the first hole is past the centre to the left of the slot.
  • Insert a pellet.
  • Repeat for the remaining pellets.


  • Cock the gun and keep the bolt back.
  • Slide the magazine in from the right, you may need to hold the magazine indexer back a little.
  • Close the bolt fully. (Failure to close fully can cause a jam or double load.)
  • Shoot.
  • When you cock the gun again the magazine will rotate and present the next pellet ready to close and shoot again.
  • When empty the magazine presents a solid wall and prevents the bolt being closed.

Double Loading and Jams

  • Like most magazines this one will not prevent double loading. You may be able to clear two pellets by firing into the ground. If this fails then the barrel should be removed and a cleaning rod used to push the pellets through. If this does not work then seek expert advice.
  • If the magazine jams with a pellet half loaded then the quickest and easiest solution is barrel removal.


Each magazine is pre-lubricated and might take a couple of cycles to seat in.  If pellet loading stiffens up a small dab of silicone grease is recommended on the outside edge of each pellet hole to protect the seals.

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Customer Reviews

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R Westoll

Excellent. So much better than the original. Easy and quick to load and pellets don’t fall out as you put them in!

Ray Barnett
Falcon magazine

Great product and works flawlessly