Air Arms S200 Magazine Adapter (for SMW Falcon Magazines)

Air Arms S200 Magazine Adapter (for SMW Falcon Magazines)

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Adapter to allow SMW Engineering Falcon compatible magazines to be used in an Air Arms S200. 

The adapter replaces the S200 single shot tray and is screwed in place. It enables a SMW Engineering self indexing Falcon magazine to be inserted from the right hand side.

WARNING: S200 MK1 and MK2 2 piece stocks will require a small triangle of wood removing to fully expose the breech. See picture. No modification to MK3 single piece stocks is needed.

The top of the magazine is 10mm above the top of the S200 block to allow use of small scopes. Please check the space under your scope tube before ordering.

Magazine sold separately.

Magazines available here:

Supplied with required black screws and two spare pellet probe seals suitable for both 177 and 22. I suggest you replace the pellet seal when you install, most I see are brittle or worn out.

If purchasing magazines please add all items to the website basket before checking out to avoid duplicate postage fees.

Instructions and Warnings


  • Remove the existing pellet tray or magazine system and store the parts safely.
  • Install the adapter in the position shown in the photos with the solid wall at the rear. The bolt will need to be held back to get it in.
  • Secure firmly using the supplied hex screws. Do not over tighten.

Magazine Loading

  • To load the magazine hold with the text facing you.
  • Rotate the first hole past the center to the left of the slot.
  • Insert a pellet.
  • Repeat for the remaining pellets.


  • Cock the gun and keep the bolt back.
  • Slide the magazine in from the right (it only fits one way, the text should be towards the rear.
  • Close the bolt fully. (Failure to close fully can cause a jam or double load.)
  • Shoot.
  • When you cock the gun again the magazine will rotate and present the next pellet ready to close and shoot again.
  • When empty the magazine presents a solid wall and prevents the bolt being closed.

Double Loading and Jams

  • Like most magazines this one will not prevent double loading. You may be able to clear two pellets by firing into the ground. If this fails then the barrel should be removed using the two grub screws and a cleaning rod used to push the pellets through. If this does not work then seek expert advice.
  • If the magazine jams with a pellet half loaded then the quickest and easiest solution is barrel removal.


The S200 pellet probe seal needs to be in good condition (two new ones are included). Each magazine is pre-lubricated and might take a couple of cycles to seat in.  If pellet loading stiffens up a small dab of silicone grease is recommended on the outside edge of each pellet hole to protect the seals. (Old probe seals dry up and their edges become squared off causing them to jam or break against the seal in the magazine.)

If you are buying for an existing Falcon 177 magazine then the 177 pellet holes might be too small to allow the S200 probe to pass freely. I am happy to ream any problem magazines for free on request. Please try your magazine before requesting a fix.

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