Hawke Airmax 30 Zoom Levers

Hawke Airmax 30 Zoom Levers

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 Zoom lever for Hawke Airmax 30 Scopes

PPLEASE NOTE - Hawke has expanded the Airmax range to a number of different styles and options. All have different sized zoom rings. If your scope is not one of the sizes below please email me and I will send measurement instructions.

The lever allows easy variation of zoom and is designed specifically for the Hawke Airmax 30. 3 Sizes are available. Please check your zoom ring diameter before ordering, scopes vary, do not rely on my sizes.

Hawke have made a number of version of the Airmax 30 so please check your zoom ring diameter matches one of the available sizes before ordering. Some known sizes are:

  • 41.4 Airmax Compact
  • 44.0 Airmax Standard
  • 45.5 Airmax FFP (and some other models)

The lever is attached by removing the M3 hex bolt and sliding over the 30mm section of the scope. It is then positioned and tightened in place with the bolt. The nut may need pushing with a larger hex key to engage with the bolt. See Photo.

Weight approx 9 grams.

Scope wheels are also available in matching materials and colours.

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