Weihrauch HW110 Single Shot Loader

Weihrauch HW110 Single Shot Loader

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Weirhauch HW110 Single Shot Loader. The unit inserts into the breech from the right hand side by lifting the magazine loading lever. Once in place it cannot be removed without lifting the lever. It slides left and right allowing a pellet to be inserted on the right hand side of the gun. An integral O ring holds the pellet in place (30mm x 2mm) so the loader can be used at any angle without the pellet dropping out. The O ring is positioned to cause the minimum distortion to the pellet during target and HFT use, more grip can be added if required by filing the groove over the pellet hole. Please message me if you require the pellet to be held firmly.

The initial production run will use black PETG plastic. ABS may be used for future runs. This item is 3D printed.

For a minimum order of 6 items custom lettering can be added to the front face and the buyer can choose any colour.

LEFT HANDED are available but made to order. Please message me if you want one and state the colour and calibre.

Shopping bag values up to £25 are sent second class. Above £25 first class recorded. If you want a small item urgently please message me.

Demo video is here: https://youtu.be/MPuS1THMak8