Weihrauch HW100 Magazine ABS and Nylon

Weihrauch HW100 Magazine ABS and Nylon

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Fully functional magazines designed for Weihrauch HW100 and optimised for maximum strength. Available in 177, 20 and 22.

Traditional 14 shot, special 13 shot autostop and slug variants available.

Autostop magazines have the 14th hole filled in so that the bolt cannot be closed on an empty chamber. The autostop magazine is inserted with the indicator notch aligned horizontally on the right hand side. After 13 shots the lever cannot be closed giving assurance that there is always a pellet ready to go when it matters. (Also avoids embarrassing pops at the range.)

Slug Magazines have 3 32x2mm bands to hold smooth slugs better. Normal diablo pellets can also be used.

ABS magazines are 3D printed and hand finished to ensure tolerance. There may be some filing marks evident in the chambers. ABS is the ideal material for 3D printed magazines because it has the best balance of durability, strength and cosmetics. ABS will not crack if dropped or melt in a hot car.

Nylon Laser Sintered are factory made and have a matt powder coated appearance. Nylon is very tough, naturally lubricated and have no 3D printing lines. Nylon magazines are higher quality in all respects.

All magazines are unconditionally guaranteed for one year from dispatch for any damage, breakage or wear which renders the magazine unusable. Send a damaged one back, include a large letter stamp or £1 and the sales reference number and receive a replacement by return post.

Please note - Nitrile o rings will degrade faster when exposed to the UV radiation in sunlight. Store magazines in a dark place and spare o rings in air tight bags.

22 standard magazines use BS124 O-Rings

2 and 3 ring magazine uses 32x2mm

Additional O Rings available here: https://smwengineering.co.uk/products/replacement-o-ring-for-smw-hw100-magazines-and-oem-177-magazine

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Tommy holt
Works very well

Amazing work cock on

Alan Mcgrath
Perfect replica and lighter also.

Top job on these mags and a great price also,fits snuggly and really does the job.

Raymond Cox
Alternative magazine HW 100

Absolutely perfect magazine for the Weihrauch Hw100. Works perfectly.

Shane Moses
Better than the original mags

Very happy with them they slot in and actually turn slightly so the line up correctly even the original metal ones don't do that, plus I find them easier to load just buy them you won't be disappointed 👍

Paul Loveridge
Excellent Product

Bought some .22 black nylon mags and they work as good as the OE mag, and they're lighter. I've even bought some more!