Weihrauch HW100 Magazine ABS and Nylon

Weihrauch HW100 Magazine ABS and Nylon

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Fully functional magazines for Weihrauch HW100 available in 177, 20 and 22.

Improvements over version 1:

  • Single O Ring design. Pellet is easier to insert and stays in the correct position better.
  • 14 recesses for the indexer. Stronger.
  • No gap design. Stronger to build but less visibility of pellets left.
  • Larger indicator groove. Easier to see when magazine has cycled.

Printed to very high resolution, available in bright colours to help avoid loss.

Nylon Laser Sintered is factory made and has a powder coated appearance. Very tough and no 3D printing lines.

ABS - 3D printed. ABS is the material that most people will be familiar with and used for plastic toys and building bricks. It had the best balance of toughness, durability, appearance and heat tolerance for 3D printed products.

Red PLA - 3D printed. PLA is a crystalline polymer, harder and more brittle. It is very easy to print and has a good appearance. I made these to compete with eBay sellers who plagiarised my design. This is a low cost option and does not benefit from one year unconditional guarantee.

Each pellet hole is separately gauged using new pellets and filed by hand to ensure maximum accuracy.  Nylon and ABS options benefit from an unconditional guarantee for one year from dispatch for any damage, breakage or wear which renders the magazine unusable. Send a damaged one back, include a large letter stamp or £1 and the sales reference number and receive a replacement by return post.

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