Weihrauch HW100 Floating Barrel Band

Weihrauch HW100 Floating Barrel Band

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This bracket replaces the HW100 barrel band to leave the barrel free floating. This can improve groupings and reduce the risk of zero moving between outings.

The hex nut can be rotated to enable a sling stud to be aligned.

The air tank remains held firmly.

Compatible with all models.

The band is made from PETG Carbon fibre composite using high quality 3d Printing.

Please note that this item was designed to fit a recent full length Weihrauch stock and has not been tested on other models. If it does not fit your gun please send me a photo of the inside of the stock where it is installed and I will make one to fit or refund.

Conversion to floating barrel is at your own risk. SMW Engineering will not accept any responsibility for consequential damage. Removing the barrel band means that the barrel is at more risk of damage from knocks or excess stress. Some users add a second barrel retaining grub screw the the action (which requires a workshop to drill and tap).