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Theoben / Rapid Air Weapons Slide Loader

Theoben / Rapid Air Weapons Slide Loader

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A simple slide loader that allows easier single shot loading than a tray. The loader must be tilted up and manoeuvred into position from the right hand side of the gun. Once in place a pellet is placed in the exposed hole, the loader slid across and the gun loaded. After shooting the bolt is pulled all the way back, a pellet inserted in the other hole, slide across etc.. 

This version contains an o ring to hold each pellet in place and allow loading while the gun is at any angle.

Available in 177, 20 and 22, 25, 30 and 357. (30 and 357 untested).

Please note that that the barrel position in Theoben guns varies  depending upon how they have been adjusted. These loaders allow up to 1.5mm of protrusion (0.2mm more than a Theoben magazine). The barrel adjustment can cause two issues:

1. If the barrel protrudes too far then the loader will be very tight or difficult to get in position.

2. If the barrel does not protrude enough then it will leave a small gap between the loader and the barrel. Some users have reported that their pellets have jammed in this gap. If this happens do not attempt to force the pellet. Remove the pellet using a cleaning rod or similar. All loaders are tested using new pellets to ensure that a pellet will drop through without any resistance.

Barrels can be adjusted by loosening the barrel location and clamp screws, inserting a magazine and sliding the barrel so that it fits snugly, tightening up the screws and re-checking the fit. Search on Google for instructions. Alternatively please feel free to rub down the back of the adaptor with some fine sandpaper on a flat surface.