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Theoben / Rapid Air Weapons Single Shot Tray Version 3

Theoben / Rapid Air Weapons Single Shot Tray Version 3

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Version 3 has flattened upper surfaces for easier access.

This tray is suitable for: Theoben Rapid Mk1, Mk2 and Rapid Air Arms Air guns. The insert slides into the breech from the left and clicks into place. It allows pellets to be loaded one at a time and is particularly good for competition shooting. Accuracy is improved because the pellets are not distorted in any way before loading. The tray is pressed in from the left and clicks into place. 177, 20, 22 and .25 versions are available from stock. 30 and 357 can be made to order.

This item is designed for target shooters who want to minimise pellet distortion for accuracy. For a more practical field loader please see my slide loader.

Each Calibre has an option of left or right loading. The tray is higher at the opposite side to prevent the pellet rolling through. 

Please note that that the barrel position in Theoben guns varies slightly which can cause the tray to be tight. These trays are made to be slightly narrower than the standard magazine so should fit most guns with no problem. If yours is tight then please consider adjusting your barrel. This can be done by loosening the barrel location and clamp screws, inserting a magazine and sliding the barrel so that it fits snugly, tightening up the screws and re-checking the fit. Search on Google for instructions. Alternatively please feel free to rub down the back of the adaptor with some fine sandpaper on a flat surface.

WARNING: Some users have reported that the pellet can roll back into the hole the pellet probe emerges from causing a jam. Please do not use the tray with the gun pointing upwards or force your cocking lever.