Theoben Rapid High Capacity Magazine 177, 20, 22 and 25

Theoben Rapid High Capacity Magazine 177, 20, 22 and 25

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Replacement Magazine for Theoben Rapid Air Rifles.

Compatible with Impact GSX, Mk1, Mk2 and MFR Rapids.

Will fit under Dr Bob and other rail adapters.

Pellets remaining indicated by a slot on the spool and number embossed in the front.

Factory made in sintered Nylon. I no longer supply 3D printed magazines.

Accepts pellets up to 9mm long.

High capacity:

  • 177 - 19 shots
  • 20 - 17 Shots
  • 22 - 16 Shots
  • 25 - 12 Shots

Each magazine is manually sized to be a firm fit in my Theoben Rapid Mk1 breech. The barrel slot is deep enough to accept the majority of guns without adjustment.

The magazines are easier to load and top up than the OEM versions. Each pellet is inserted sequentially, starting at the first hole visible.

Customers have reported that these are loose in RAW guns.

NOTE ON LOADING AND PELLET JAMMING: Pellet jamming can caused by two reasons.

1. The first is magazine seating. If the magazine is not fully seated (flush with the opposite side of the breach) then it will enter the barrel at an angle and may jam. If your scope is preventing full seating then please get in touch for a shim to lift the scope.

2. Loading. The o ring installed in the spool exists to stop pellets falling back when the magazine rotates (it is not a loading aid). When loading short pellets ensure the pellet head is past the o ring. For easy loading rotate the spool past the exit hole when loading each pellet.

A small number of Theoben guns have factory mounts that are slightly lower. Theoben ceased using them because they will not accept 50mm objective scopes. If you have these mounts then please let me know and I can supply a couple of 1mm scope shims so my magazine will fit under easily. If the distance between the top of the action and bottom of your scope tube is less than 9.2mm and your mounts appear to have sharper edges than the one in the photo then you have low mounts and need a shim.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Brown
Top goods

Very good product. Works better than original ones

Peter Kemp

Excellent quality, precision bit of kit

robert taylor

i have put hundreds of rounds thru the mags without a hic very well made would buy again excellent quality recommended

still going strong

i bought my mag a few years back, with other make,s just to try and its still working, at first, i found it to be a little loose, and thin it may have improved over the years now, it loads well does not damage the skirting of the pellet, not like other makes i have purchased since, i lost the contact details so i could not order more, i have just seen this, great item, great work i only have the one,but it has never let me down, i have the lime green its easy to see in the dark when dropped

Justin Fyers