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Theoben Rapid / RAW High Capacity Magazine 177, 20, 22 and 25

Theoben Rapid / RAW High Capacity Magazine 177, 20, 22 and 25

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Replacement Magazine for Theoben Rapid Air Rifles.

Compatible with RAW and Impact GSX, may require small barrel adjustment.

The magazines are designed to accept the maximum number of pellets possible within the space available under a standard 1 inch Theoben scope mount. (Also compatible with SMW Engineering 20mm scope adapters.) The magazines are easy to load and quick indexing. The spool has a notch which indicates the number of pellets remaining on the casing. When empty the bolt is blocked cannot be pushed forwards.

  • 177 - 19 Shots
  • 20 - 17 Shots
  • 22 - 16 Shots
  • 25 - 12 Shots

Pellets remaining indicated by a slot on the spool and number embossed in the front.

NOT COMPATIBLE with Bisley Superfield pellets. Wad cutters / Flat nosed pellets not recommended. If you need to use them then the o ring can be removed but this will make loading a bit awkward.

The magazines are made from laser sintered Nylon powder. They have a high quality surface finish and are very tough.

Each magazine is tested for fit in a Rapid Mk1 and a full load of pellets is cycled through it. They may feel tight in the breech on first use but will loosen up. If the magazine is very tight then your barrel position may need adjusting, please check that the barrel is not interfering.

De-assembly of the magazine invalidates any warranty. The springs are very difficult to replace if removed. Spares, coloured spools and repairs are available by request.

Right hand loading magazines can be 3D printed in ABS on request @ £20 each.

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