Stock Magazine Holder for FX Wildcat

Stock Magazine Holder for FX Wildcat

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FX Wildcat Stock Magazine Holder

This is designed, made and distributed by myself in the UK. Usually dispatched same day using Royal Mail.

 It is made using 3D printing with the highest quality settings and finish.

  • 16mm thick.
  • All stainless steel (A2) fittings.
  • Magazines clip in positively and firmly from the right hand side.

The carbon option is made from a composite blend of carbon fibre and plastic, it results in a graphite appearance which complements the FX black stock perfectly.

The wood composite is a blend of softwood fibre and PLA plastic.

Seconds are fully functional but do not have a good enough surface finish. They may be black or carbon subject to availability.

Tested in FX Wildcat black stocks and Laminate Stocks. The sizes are different so please choose the right one for your gun.


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