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FX Dreamline Slide Loader (Not Tactical)

FX Dreamline Slide Loader (Not Tactical)

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A simple slide loader that allows easier single shot loading than a tray. The loader must be tilted up and manoeuvred into position, once in it slides easily from left to right. Once in place a pellet is placed in the exposed hole, the loader slid across and the gun loaded. After shooting the bolt is pulled all the way back, a pellet inserted in the other hole, slide across etc.
Available in 177, 22, 25, and 30. Please use the basket function if ordering more than one calibre.
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DREAMLINE TACTICAL (The additional picatinny rail prevents the loader being inserted.)
If the size you want is out of stock or you need a different colour please message me and I will update the stock levels.
This loader will fit a FX Crown and FX Crown Mk2 if modified. The barrel in a crown sits slightly lower and the lower outside face must be rubbed down slightly to fit.
This item is designed and manufactured by myself using 3D printing. It uses the highest practical quality settings and most suitable material for the purpose.

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