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Slide Loader for AGN Vulcan 2 and Uragan

Slide Loader for AGN Vulcan 2 and Uragan

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A slide loader for the AGN Vulcan 2 and Uragan. (Does not fit Vulcan 1.)
The loader fits snugly into the breech from the right hand side and clicks into each of the two loading positions. It allows single shot loading or a quick backup shot. The pellets are retained using a BS124 O Ring.
Available in 177, 22, 25 and 30. Please use the basket function if ordering more than one calibre.
If the size you want is out of stock or you need a different colour please message me and I will update the stock levels.
This item is designed and manufactured by SMW Engineering in the UK using 3D printing. It uses the highest practical quality settings and most suitable material for the purpose.

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