Daystate Single Shot Tray

Daystate Single Shot Tray

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Improved single shot loading tray for Daystate guns.

Multishot guns only, this will not fit a single shot gun (and is not needed).

  • Better height so pellet loads smoothly
  • Increased height at one side to prevent pellet roll through
  • Reversible
  • Magnetic location
  • Bright colours to avoid loss
  • All calibres available

These loading trays are designed to provide easier loading and less pellet distortion than the manufacturer supplied ones. They have one side raised to avoid the pellet rolling through. They contain four magnets so can be used for loading pellets from the left or right hand side of the gun.

Three sizes are Available:

Standard (narrowest)

  • Huntsman - tested
  • Merlyn - tested
  • Mk3 - tested
  • Mk4 Target - tested
  • Mk4 Airwolf - tested
  • Mk4 Panther
  • Air Ranger - tested
  • Griffen - tested
  • Wolverine - tested
  • Wolverine 2 - tested
  • X2


  • Pulsar - tested
  • Red Wolf - tested
  • Wolverine R (tight) - tested

Renegade (widest)

  • Renegade - tested
  • Wolverine R (looser) - tested

0.25 and 0.30 calibre are available and made to order upon request and may take a couple of days to dispatch. The 0.30 does not leave much room between the base and pellet slot so must be handled with more care than the others.

If another colour is required please message me before ordering.

These items are 3D printed using ABS and the magnets are attached with industrial grade high viscosity slow setting superglue.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Carroll Lamport
Great bit of kit. Makes it so much easier to load especially with 177.

Works really well but needed bit of filing to get pellet to load easily. Only took me a few minutes and very easy but was very stiff before I did so.
Well worth the effort and good value. So much easier to load a pellet especially 177.

John Wray
Single shot loader for Daystate Redwolf.

Brilliant piece of equipment. Much better than the original single shot loader from Daystate.