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FX Wildcat Single Shot Adaptors for Right and Left Handed Rifles

FX Wildcat Single Shot Adaptors for Right and Left Handed Rifles

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Single Shot Adaptors for FX Wildcat Right and Left Handed

Only compatible with original FX cheekpiece.

This adaptor is designed to wedge firmly into the magazine receiver to allow single pellets to be loaded during competitions such as HFT. It is made from ABS or PETG plastic.

This is not the ideal way to single shot load a Wildcat and loading pellets with it is fiddly.  It is provided as a cheap method to achieve single shot loading.

Tested in WIldcat MK1 and Mk2

Maximum Pellet Lengths:
177, 22 = 7.9mm
25 = 9mm (full breech width)

The limited space of the Wildcat breech means that a single shot tray is fiddly to use. These trays do the job but a re a low cost compromise. 

Please take care to choose left or right handed. With the muzzle of the gun pointing away from you the magazine is inserted on the right hand side of a right hand gun.

The 0.25 calibre version has an open back to maximise the amount of space available to load larger pellets. Note that pellets longer than the width of the breech can be loaded using this insert.

Some customers have had trouble getting the insert into the breech. The fit is deliberately tight so that the index arm does not push the insert back out. The top of the insert has a tongue which should be pressed down as the insert in pushed into the breech. If this does not work then the Wildcat cheek piece can be rocked slightly using the hex bolts. Loosen off the front one a little, tighten up the rear one and tighten the front one less. This should lift the front of the cheekpiece 0.5mm.

Here is a quick video showing the adaptor being inserted. (Please excuse the background noise.)