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MTC Viper Connect Focus Wheel

MTC Viper Connect Focus Wheel

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Scope wheel to fit MTC Viper Connect side focus scopes with 31.5mm knob.
  • Clamps onto the existing side focus knob to make adjustment easier and more accurate. (3mm Hex key required.)
  • Made from ABS tough plastic using 3D printing.
  • Outer diameter 82mm to fit hand.
  • Made in and dispatched from the UK.

Zoom lever available here:

This wheel has slots to fit the MTC Viper Connect and the wheel is offset so may not fit other scopes with 31.5mm focus knobs unless these slots are removed by grinding or with a sharp knife. Please let me know if ordering for a different scope.
Other colours are available by request. Please message me for current availability.
I dispatch most orders within day and the default is first class mail. 
I can make these to fit any size. Please search for other sizes first. If not found and you wish to help me expand my range then I will need the following information: Scope brand and model, focus knob outside diameter (accurately measured with a vernier) and a side and top photo for clearance. Also any other relevant measurements.

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