Side Focus Wheel for Various Scopes 25 - 41mm knobs

Side Focus Wheel for Various Scopes 25 - 41mm knobs

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Scope parallax (focus) adjustment wheel to fit various scopes.

  • Clamps onto the existing side focus knob to make adjustment easier and more accurate. (3mm Hex key required.)
  • Made from ABS. PETG or equivalent tough plastic using 3D printing.
  • Outer diameter 82mm to fit hand
  • 12mm Thick
  • Made in and dispatched from the UK

IMPORTANT: If the name of the scope is specified in the drop down then the wheel is made to fit only that scope.


Supplied with 1 silver stainless bolt. Black M3 bolts are available. Will not fit models that specify M2.

FT Shooters: Can be made to order with smooth outer ring in any size up to 150mm (£25). Please message for a quote.

Please email me if you are unsure which you need. I can help ensure you choose the correct one or make one to fit.

Sizes I have encountered so far (for guidance only, measure before ordering.)


AGS Cobalt 6-24x50 (Two models) Check 35.0 or 36.8
Aomeki ??? 32.3 Special
Arkan 6-24x50 42.00
Athlon Argos BR2nd Gen 8 8-32x56 FFP 32.00
Athlon Argos BTR Gen2 10-40x56 30.0 or 35.8
Athlon Helos 6-24x50 35.80
Athlon Midas 4-16x44 28.10
Athlon Talos 4-14x44 28.50
Athlon Talos 6-24x50 28.50
ATN X Sight 4K Pro 37.50
Barra HD H30 4-16x50 33.40
BSA TMD 3-12x44G30SP 30.00
BSA TMD 4-14x44 FFP 36.90
Burris Black Diamond 8-32x50
Bushnell Forge 6x24 29.30
Bushnell Elite Mini 29.50
Bushnell Match Pro 6-24 FFP 30.20
Delta ??? 35.50
Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD 34.00
Delta Titanium 4-25x50 33.02
Delta Titanium 4-24x50 SF 32.90
Discovery 6-24x50 FFP VT-T 35.00
Discovery Generic - Check 32.00
Discovery HD 3-18x50 38.00
Discovery HD 5-25x50 40.00
Discovery HD 5-30x56 40.00
Discovery 8-32x50 SFI 34.80
Discovery VT-2 10x44SF 29.92
Element Optics Helix & Nexus Special Fit
Element Optics Helix HDLR 33.40
Element Optics Titan 6-24x56 38.5 (Check)
Element Optics Titan 5-25x56 40.0 (Check)
Emmersive Optics 14x50 33.55
Emmersive Optics 10x44 34.036mm
Eltech 4-24x56 35.40
Falcon M18 35.8 Falcon
Falcon S18 35.8 Falcon
Falcon S30 35.8 Falcon
Falcon S30 Gen 2 38.00
Falcon T50 (Check Model) 37.87
Falcon X50 37.25
Firewolf 10-40x50E G24 37.10
Hawke Airmax 30.30
Hawke Airmax 30 6-24x50 33.7 2 notches
Hawke Airmax 30 6-24x50 IR ??
Hawke Airmax 30 WA FFP 6-24x50 SF 13321 33.5 2 notches 37.6x5.2
Hawke Airmax 30 WA SF 4-16x50 13350 33.5 2 notches
Hawke Airmax FFP 37.65 notches
Hawke Airmax Compact 4-16x44 32.94 2 lugs
Hawke Airmax EV 3-9x50 AO ??
Hawke Eclipse 40??
Hawke Eclipse 4-16x50 SFIR 32.90
Hawke Eclipse AOIR 37.50
Hawke Endurance 30.8 Narrow
Hawke Fastmount 6-24x50 AO IR ??
Hawke Frontier SF FFP 4-20 34.0 (34.2)
Hawke Nite Eye IR 4-16x50 32.90
Hawke Nite Eye digi IR 2.5-10x50 SF 32.86
Hawke Sidewinder 30 31.5 Notched
Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF
Hawke Vantage 3-9 IR 32.80
Hawke Vantage 4-16x50 SF IR 31.99
Hawke Vantage 4-16x44 SF ??
Hawke Vantage 4-16x44 SF 14161
Hawke Vantage 6-24x50
Hawke Vantage 30 WA FFP 4-16x50 33.40
Hawke Vantage 30 WA FFP 6-24x50 33.00
Hawke Vantage 30 WA SF 6-24x50 14297 33.00
Hawke Vantage 4-20 no IR 32.20
Hawke Varmint 3-9 IR 32.90
Konus 12-50x60 40.00
London Armoury Resurrection FFP 6-24x50 37.75
MTC Cobra F1 32.70
MTC Connect 31.5 Special
MTC Copperhead 4-16x44 F2 32.90
MTC Genesis 32.00
MTC King Cobra (double check) 38.00
MTC King Cobra 4-16x50 32.90
MTC King Cobra 6-24x50
MTC Viper Pro 10x44 32.70
MTC Optisan CP 3-12x32p 32.20
MTC Optisan EVX & EVE & EVX Gen2 35.3 Pyramid
MTC Optisan EVE 4-16x44 34.43 to 35.5
MTC Optisan Mamba 4-16x50 IRS 32 Cog
MTC Optisan Mamba Lite 4-16x42 31 or 32mm
MTC Optisan Mamba Lite Aug 2022 on 32.90
MTC Taipan 6-24x56 35.0 2 knurls
Nikko 10/50/60 41.87
Nikko Hornet 30.80
Nikko Sterling Hornet 10-50 x 60 31.00
Nikko Sterling Diamond FFP 34mm 6-24x50 31.60
Nikko Sterling Diamond FFP 4-14x44 32.90
Nikko Sterling Diamond FFP 4-16x44 31.30
Nikko Sterling Diamond FFP 6-24x50 31.30
Nikko Sterling Diamond 6-24x50 IR 35.00
Nikko Sterling FFP 4-16x44 31.60
Nikko Sterling Night Eater 10-50x60 29.56
Nikko Sterling Night Eater 20-50x60 29.30
Nikko Sterling Target Master 4-16x44 26.06
PAO Emerald 4-16x56 SWAT 36.80
PAO F1 36.90
Richter Optik 8-32x50E-SF 44.16
Riton x7 39.4
Sightron LPVO 38.25
Sightron S111 10-50x60 37.30
Sightron S111 8-32x56 31.82
Sightron S-Tac 4-20x50 non ir 38.00
Sightron 4-20x50 IR 38.80
Tacvector Optics 34.0 Unique
Valiant Lynx 6-24x50 32.90
Vector Optics Hugo 3-12x44GT 31.50
Vector Optics Orion Max 32.40
Vector Optics Paragon 6-30x56 Gen II 34.20
Vector Optics Paragon 5-25 x56 Gen II 34.20
Vector Optics Veyron 3-12x44 31.50
Vector Optics Veyron 4-16x44 ??
Vector Optics Veyron 6-24x44 IR 31.95
Vector Optics Tourex 6-24x50 ffp 36.00
Vixen 4-16x40 28.50
Vortex Diamondback FFP 6-24x50 31.50
Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60 36.60
Vortex Crossfire 2 42.0 Unique
Vortex Crossfire 2 4-12x40 41mm
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 37.70


If you order for a scope not on the list please let me know if it fits.

The internal cylinder of these wheels is flat. They may be unsuitable for scopes with cone shaped knobs or knurls. I am happy to advise if you send me a photo of your scope.

Made from tough ABS  plastic using 3D printing.

If you can't find a wheel suitable for your scope then please get in touch. I have made a lot of custom fit wheels and may be able to modify a design to suit you.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Osborne
Side wheel

The side wheel for my Element helix is top Draw fits and works a treat thank you

Bill Grant
Good buy

Does the job well worth the money

Jay Hawtin
Absolutely awesome

Fantastic just what I was looking for well made and didn’t cost the earth well worth it very fast delivery too 5⭐️