Picatinny Clamp Mount for Kral NP02

Picatinny Clamp Mount for Kral NP02

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Kral NP02 Cylinder Clamp Mount with Bolts

This item allows three picatinny style accessories to be mounted onto the front of a Kral NP02. The clamp is secured using two stainless hex bolts or the grip of the accessory attached to the lower rail. It can be used to attach range lasers or torches. Do not use to mount a sling. It can be used for a bi-pod but is only as strong as the plastic so use with caution.

Supplied with 2 silver stainless bolts. Black bolts are available here: https://smwengineering.co.uk/products/stainless-black-bolt-upgrade-m3-12mm

The bi-pod and torches shown in the picture are not included.

This item is 3D printed using a high number of surface layers and internal density using ABS.

(Beware of cheaper copies on eBay made from low melting point brittle PLA plastics.)

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