Hawke Airmax Mini Side Focus Wheel

Hawke Airmax Mini Side Focus Wheel

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Scope parallax (focus) adjustment wheel to fit Original Hawke Airmax with screw on cap.

NOTE the new Airmax models do not have a screw on cap and this will not fit. It should be obvious from the pictures if it will fit your scope.

Replaces the standard Hawke wheel with a smaller one to allow access to the gun breech.

  • 60mm Outer diameter.
  • Fits Hawke Airmax Only
  • Made from ABS. PETG or equivalent tough plastic using 3D printing.
  • Three spoke is 14mm thick
  • Made in and dispatched from the UK
  • Notches and text for 10, 15, 25 and 50 yards 
I also make a larger wheel that clamps over the Airmax knob.