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M3 & M4 K type Thermocouple for 3D Printers

M3 & M4 K type Thermocouple for 3D Printers

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K Type Thermocouple suitable for various 3D printers

M4 or M3 copper head
Crimp terminated

Machines Tested on:
Flashforge Creator Pro: M4
Flashforge Dreamer: M4 (needs trimming)

Please check that your printer uses K type thermocouples and which thread before buying. These cables can be cut to length but the terminators will need to be cut off.

Please note that manufacturers use different hot ends and thermocouples across their ranges of 3D printers MK7 & MK8 hotends usually use M3 and MK10 usually use M4 but this is not always the case. Please check before ordering. (M3 is 3mm diameter and M4 4mm diameter).

Returns not accepted if cable is damaged or cut. Please test before shortening cable. Do not immerse in water.

The cable is 150cm long and terminated with crimps. For some printers the cable will require cutting down and re-terminating. Replacing thermocouples in 3D printers can be a complicated job requiring the cable to be threaded back to the motherboard. Please use caution when installing because the cable wires are single strand copper and can break if handled roughly or repeatedly bent.

Installation notes
Flashforge Dreamer requires a motor to be removed and the cable is trimmed and terminated in the print head, fairly straight forward.

Flashforge Creator requires cable to be routed back to the motherboard. I suggest the following method for the Creator (2015) earlier model should be similar:
Remove the print head block from the gantry (two hex screws).
Remove the thermocouple from the heat block by unscrewing. If it is bonded with plastic you may need a new heatblock.
Facing the creator remove the left panel, rear panel and base panel.
Snip all the cable ties on the cable webbing.
Remove the old thermocouple cable, note which way round the wires terminate.
Screw the new one into the heatblock first and route back to the motherboard.
Connect to the termination block the same way round as the original.
Turn on your machine and make sure the temp is reading ambient.
Unplug the machine
Replace the cable ties (only a couple are needed).
Replace the panels and print head block.
Happy printing!

Cutting and joining to old cable near the print head using solder is also possible.