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HFT Butt Pad for Weihrauch HW100

HFT Butt Pad for Weihrauch HW100

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Replacement Butt Pad for HW100
These pads are designed specifically for HFT shooting and are legal under the current rules. HFT rules allow the pad of the gun to touch the floor and act as a resting point, this is why the top shots use adjustable pads. With the pad resting on the ground the HW100 is at just the right height for prone shooting and the rear of the gun is much more stable than on the shoulder. (Hamster recommended for more stability.) When standing the hook fits snugly under the armpit to give a consistent position.
These are made in two types of plastic. The hard variants are PETG which is super tough and strong. The Soft versions are TPU which is similar to a hard rubber without the smell.
Supplied with a TPU spacer to ensure a good fit against the butt and a couple of self tapping screws for fitting.
Fits HW100 stocks which are 127.5mm long and have 79mm screw spacing. Tested on Thumbhole and Sporting Stocks (see photos).

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