FX Wildcat Picatinny Mounts

FX Wildcat Picatinny Mounts

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FX Wildcat Picatinny Mounts

This mount allows three picatinny accessories to be mounted onto the front of FX Wildcat Airguns. They are made from tough ABS plastic using high quality and density. They are perfect for mounting an under-slung ranging laser, lamps, torches and bi-pods.

Two designs are available:

STANDARD: Designed for power restricted FX Wildcats (known as FX Compact in USA), this mount grips around the small amount of tank available and leaves space for air refilling while in place. Not recommended for bi-pod or sling use.

FAC ONLY: This uses the extra space available on the full length WIldcat tank. It will fit a Sub 12/compact but will cover the air fill. Not recommended for sling.

The clamps are attached using a supplied hex bolt and nut. Stainless bolts with thumb nuts are available separately. Link

Other colours can be made to order if you like more bling!

These products are made in the UK using high quality 3D printing and tough ABS or equivalent.