FX Wildcat Mk1 End Cap and Loading Aid

FX Wildcat Mk1 End Cap and Loading Aid

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This cap press fits over the rear of the Wildcat Mk1&Mk2 block and protects against dirt ingress. There is a magnet built in which holds the cocking lever fully open to enable a magazine to be inserted much more easily while the gun is pointing safely down.

Made from solid sintered Nylon and dyed matt black.

On some guns (observed in some MK2's) the cocking bolt is a little longer and will push the cap back about 1mm. This is easily rectified by rubbing down the part that goes into the gun a little with some sand paper or a very sharp knife.

The cap is friction fit and has a 1mm tongue which slots between the block and stock for extra security. (See photo.) Most Wildcats will have sufficient gap for this to fit without modifications but yours may not. If it doesn't then the tongue can be removed with a sharp knife but this leaves the cap relying on friction.

To install remove the two hex screws to release the stock. Press the cap in. Re-attached the stock.

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