FX Wildcat Hamster (All Models)

FX Wildcat Hamster (All Models)

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Hamster for FX Wildcat Mk1, 2 and 3
A hamster is a lower platform added to an air rifle to provide a stable rest when shooting prone and allow better support when shooting unsupported. It is especially useful in HFT and FT for providing an additional contact point with the shooting peg and allowing the gun to be rested on the hand placed on the floor. 
  • HFT and FT regulations compliant, lowest point is 135mm below the barrel centre line.
  • Contoured to provide adjustable elevation
  • Lightweight (105 grams)
  • Strong enough to carry the gun with or attach a strap
  • Does not touch barrel
  • No drilling or modification required to fit. Supplied with a stainless steel M5 hex 22 screw.
  • Slides over the air tank and attaches to the existing mounting point with a supplied stainless hex bolt
  • Air fill port remains accessible

Conceived, designed, manufactured and dispatched from the UK by SMW Engineering.

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