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FX Wildcat Barrel Picatinny Mount

FX Wildcat Barrel Picatinny Mount

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This mounts attaches directly to the FX Wildcat barrel shroud (28mm) using two stainless steel screws to clamp. (Not grub screws, will not damage shroud.)

Featured in Airgun World Magazine April 2019

It provides two 20mm picatinny type rails to allows two lightweight accessories to be added such as lasers or small torches.

Ideal for:

  • Short range shooting
  • Indoor pest control
  • Rangefinding with one or two lasers
  • Night Vision shooting with IR laser

Because the Wildcat uses a floating barrel, addition of heavy accessories may affect poi. It has been tested with dual lasers without affecting poi.


Laser shown in photos is not included.

 Other colours available by request. Can be made for other guns, if required please contact me with barrel diameter.