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FX Typhoon & T12 Barrel Clamp and Mount (also Logun Solo)

FX Typhoon & T12 Barrel Clamp and Mount (also Logun Solo)

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FX Typhoon & T12 Cylinder Clamp with 20mm mounts

(The Logun Solo is the same gun and this is compatible.)

Tank Diameter 33mm

Barrel Diameter 14mm

The Typhoon has been sold with and without a front barrel clamp. The FX supplied one uses two single grub screws and is prone to becoming loose. This clamp grips the tank much more firmly and holds the barrel tight. My gun is more accurate with the clamp in place however accuracy improvement is not guaranteed because of the other variables involved. Make sure you air tank is tight and does not rotate before installing. The clamp can be used anywhere along the barrel.

This clamp will not damage your barrel or tank, no metal parts touch your gun. It attaches very firmly using friction and two M3 hex bolts.

Addition of any heavy accessories (such as a bi-pod) to the mount will add weight to the barrel and move your point of impact. If using a bi-pod position the clamp close to the stock to reduce the effect. This clamp is made from ABS so caution must be exercised if using with a bipod.

 Supplied with 2 silver stainless bolts. The 16 mm band has a single bolt. Black bolts are available here: