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FX Streamline & FX Dreamline Lite Barrel Clamp and Mount

FX Streamline & FX Dreamline Lite Barrel Clamp and Mount

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Barrel Clamp FX Streamline and FX Dreamline Lite with or without added 20mm picatinny mounts.

Tank Diameter 34mm

Barrel Diameter 20mm

The Streamline and Dreamline are floating barrel guns. This clamp will reduce the risk of bending a barrel out in the field and may improve accuracy. Accuracy improvement is not guaranteed and use of the clamp is user choice. Please do your own research and check youtube for videos by users who have added clamps. The clamp can be used anywhere along the barrel.

A short 16mm version is available which uses a single bolt. This has limited strength and caution must be used to avoid over tightening. Please message me if you understand and wish to buy one.


Supplied with 2 silver stainless bolts. The 16 mm band has a single bolt. Black bolts are available here: https://smwengineering.co.uk/products/stainless-black-bolt-upgrade-m3-12mm

This clamp will not damage your barrel or tank, no metal parts touch your gun.

Addition of any heavy accessories (such as a bi-pod) to the mount will add weight to the barrel and move your point of impact. If using a bi-pod position the clamp close to the stock to reduce the effect.