FX Cocking Handles Biathalon

FX Cocking Handles Biathalon

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Oversized cocking handles to fit FX Air Rifles. These handles are oversized and are supplied with optional o rings to increase grip. Designed for use with gloves or shooters who have trouble grasping the OEM handles.

Diameter 14.5mm without O rings, 16.25mm with O rings. O rings are included and supplied separate.

Length 50mm

Made from sintered Nylon for high quality and toughness.

The handles are attached using the hex bolt from the standard FX handle. A slightly longer 20mm stainless screw can be supplied as an additional option from the drop down above.

Two options are available:

Dreamline - Handle entry point is central and half way up the handle. Can be used on a Wildcat if the cocking lever is not bent and parallel to the action.

Wildcat - Specially designed so the handle sits just above the stock and sits out a little further. The handle Entry point is offset and the centre is positioned 20mm from the bottom of the handle.

Please note that the Impact Mk2 shown in the pictures has the new short throw cocking lever fitted to new MK3's.

If anyone is willing to test one on any of the untested guns below please purchase and let me know how it fits. If it is not compatible I will pay return postage if undamaged.


 Wildcat Option

  • Wildcat Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3
  • Dreamline Bullpup
  • Bobcat - untested

Wildcat option not recommended for Impact, interferes with trigger access.

Dreamline Version

  • Dreamline Lite and Tactical - See photos
  • Impact MK1 & MK2
  • Impact MK3 - see photo
  • Maverick - see photo
  • Biathlon II - untested but confident
  • Crown - untested, (may not fit stock slot)


  • Boss
  • Royal 400/500
  • Verminator


  • T12
  • Typhoon
  • Ranchero