Front Diopter Sight Muzzle Mount Adapter

Front Diopter Sight Muzzle Mount Adapter

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Muzzle end dovetail rail mount adapter for air rifles.

Provides 9-11mm dovetail fitting.

Supplied with black coated stainless screws.

Made from ABS for durability and temperature resistance. Good up to 104 degrees C.

Allows a moderator to be used.

External diameter approx 5mm greater than barrel size. Approx 39mm long.

Standard sizes are listed, other sizes can be made to order in a couple of days - please get in touch.

Offset models have the screws at the side and are for underlever guns.

S200 model has the dovetail raised to be level with the rear dovetails.

Will not accept the front sights from the FWB 300 (too wide) and Weihrauch HW (too narrow).