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Flashforge Creator, Dreamer, Inventor, Makerbot Replicator Build Surface

Flashforge Creator, Dreamer, Inventor, Makerbot Replicator Build Surface

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Genuine Flashforge / 3M replacement build surface for Flashforge Creator Pro, Dreamer and Inventor 1
Also suitable for Makerbot Replicator 2 and Replicator 2x.
Dimensions: 232mm* 154mm Can easily be cut down to smalller sizes.
Self adhesive sheet.
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I usually dispatch all orders received before 15:00 within day. Weekend orders after 15:00 Friday are dispatched for first post collection on Monday.
How to remove the old sticker (caution, involves high temperature and burn risk):
To remove the old sticker: Heat your build platform to 100C. Lift a corner using a sharp tool. Grip the corner with pliers and slowly (do not force) peel off pulling 90 degrees to platform. Turn off the bed heater. The bed will be covered in patches of rubbery glue. While the plate is cooling roll your removed sticker up with the glue facing outwards. Roll the sticker over the build plate to pick up the remaining glue.
How to install the new sticker: Remove the backing paper taking care to avoid touching the glued side. Position the sticker over the build plate. Starting at the back, align the sticker against the edge and firmly press onto the plate working forward to avoid any air bubbles.