FX Wildcat Hinge Loader 177, 22 or 25

FX Wildcat Hinge Loader 177, 22 or 25

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 FX Wildcat Hinge Loader 177, 22 or 25

Maximum pellet length 9mm for all calibres.

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This is a single shot loader for the FX wildcat. It replaces the rear factory cheek piece with an ambidextrous one fitted with a hinge for a loading arm. It provides a smooth platform for left and right handed shooters. The loading arms opens to the right of the gun to provide easy access to insert a pellet. The pellet is retained in the arm by an embedded O Ring. The arm is then folded back into the breech and the pellet is loaded when gun is cocked. The metallic parts are stainless steel.

This item is also compatible with the left hand front cheek piece.

Please specify which calibre you require when making the order or message by email or use the Facebook link below.

Caution must be taken to avoid stripping the plastic thread if removing the loading arms. Instructions can be found here.

Loaders are available for left handed guns and made to order. Please contact me when ordering for estimated dispatch time. (Left handed means a Wildcat with the cocking arm on the left side of the gun.)

If you want a different colour of ABS please message me for availability. I usually have all base colours in and get get anything in one day.

ALSO AVAILABLE in laser sintered Polyamide Nylon. Ultra high quality, matte black semi-porous finish. 2 week lead time, £80. Please message me to inquire.