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Air Arms S200 Mk3 (no drill) Hamster

Air Arms S200 Mk3 (no drill) Hamster

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Hamster specially designed to fit and Air Arms S200 Mk3 with no drilling. Extra long screws are supplied to attach the hamster directly to a Mk3 stock using the existing M4 bolt holes.

The maximum centre barrel to lower edge distance is 113mm

(Yet to be tested on Mk1 and 2.)

Hamsters are used in field competition shooting to enable the gun to be rested on a fist when prone and more steady when standing.

The standard OEM barrel support band is only plastic and inadequate to support the extra stress from the hamster. A new band is supplied with the hamster that contains a metal nut. Please choose if you want a floating barrel band or a full band with picatinny rails. The one shown in the pictures is a full band.

Because of the size of this item it cannot be made using high quality printing so the surfaces may appear lined. The internal structure is designed and made for strength.

This item takes a few hours to build so may not be available for dispatch within day.