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Air Arms S200 Floating Barrel Band

Air Arms S200 Floating Barrel Band

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This bracket replaces the S200 barrel band to leave the barrel free floating. This can improve groupings and reduce the risk of zero moving between outings.

The band hold the air bottle and prevents rattles and stress on the threads (if not using any band).

Compatible with all S200 factory models.

IMPORTANT: Install over the tank before fixing to stock. The tank cannot be pushed into the band.

The band is made from PETG, ABS or similar tough plastic using high quality 3d Printing. It includes an embedded M4 nut so can be used straight out the envelope.

Check that your barrel is installed firmly and will sit above the tank unsupported before ordering. A heavy moderator may cause the barrel to touch the tank.

Conversion to floating barrel is at your own risk. SMW Engineering will not accept any responsibility for consequential damage. Removing the barrel band means that the barrel is at more risk of damage from knocks or excess stress.

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