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Air Arms S200 2 Shot Slide Loading System

Air Arms S200 2 Shot Slide Loading System

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Air Arms S200 (and CZ200) Slide Loading System

*WARNING* Some S200 do not have the additional screw holes required to install this loader. Please see the photo and check before buying.

This loader screws into the S200 breach using the supplied screws. It provides two pellet holes, one at each end of the slide which can be moved left and right. The pellets are retained by an O Ring. Ideal for competition shooting or a quick second shot while hunting. 

Fully tested in my 177 and used for HFT shooting.

Important: Due to the limited breech space the loader is limited 8.6mm thick. Some heavier .22 pellets may exceed this length and not be compatible. The largest I have tried is H&N Barracuda match. 


  • This loader replaces the standard S200 tray and cannot be removed without removing the screws.
  • The supplied screws are longer than the standard pellet tray screws.
  • Standard screws and loading trays are also available separately.

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