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Side Focus Wheel for Various Scopes

Side Focus Wheel for Various Scopes

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Scope parallax (focus) adjustment wheel to fit various scopes.

  • Clamps onto the existing side focus knob to make adjustment easier and more accurate. (3mm Hex key required.)
  • Made from ABS. PETG or equivalent tough plastic using 3D printing.
  • Outer diameter 82mm to fit hand
  • 12mm Thick
  • Made in and dispatched from the UK
  • Black and White in stock. Other colours made to order.

Supplied with 1 silver stainless bolt. Black bolts are available here: https://smwengineering.co.uk/products/stainless-black-bolt-upgrade-m3-12mm

Focus wheels sizes vary on the same models. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE OF YOUR FOCUS KNOB BEFORE ORDERING. Sizes I have encountered so far (for guidance only):


  • 29.8 - Hawke Vantage (Check!)
  • 30.0 - BSA TMD 3-12x44
  • 30.3 - Hawke Airmax
  • 30.8 Narrow - Hawke Endurance (8mm grip width, wheel 12mm)
  • 31.3 Narrow
    • Nikko Sterling Diamond 4-16x44
    • Nikko Sterling Diamond 6-24x50
    • Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP 6-24x50
  • 31.5 - MTC Connect - (Offset for mount - see other listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142800856605)
  • 32.0 Narrow - MTC Cobra F1 & MTC Genesis
  • 32.2 - Hawke Vantage (Check!)
  • 32.3 - Aomeki - Toothed, will not fit other scopes
  • 32.7 - MTC Viper Pro 10*44 (Check! also 34.7)
  • 32.7 - MTC Cobra F1
  • 32.9 - Hawke Varmint / Hawke Vantage 3-9 IR
  • 33.0 - MTC Optisan Viper 10*44 IRS - will not fit other scopes
  • 32.9 Narrow (8mm grip) - Hawke Nite Eye 4-16*50 IR / Hawke Eclipse 4-16*50 SFIR
  • 34.0 - Tac Vector optics - Toothed, CHECK SIZE - will not fit other scopes
  • 34.7 - MTC Viper Pro
  • 35.0 - AGS Cobalt 6-24*50 (Also 36.8)
  • 35.8 - Falcon M14i, M18, S18i ,Menace, S30. Toothed, Only fits Falcon scopes with tapered knobs.
  • 35.8 - Athlon Helos 6-24x50
  • 36.8 - AGS Cobalt 6-24*50 (Hub 10mm thick) (Also 35mm)
  • 37.1 - Firewolf 10-40 (Ali Express) Choose 37.3
  • 37.3 - Sightron S111
  • 40.0 - Hawke Eclipse
If you order for a scope not on the list please let me know if it fits.
The internal cylinder of these wheels is flat. They may be unsuitable for scopes with cone shaped knobs or knurls. I am happy to advise if you send me a photo of your scope.
Made from tough ABS  plastic using 3D printing.
I dispatch most orders within day and the default is first class mail. Please choose second class if your purchase is not urgent.
I can make these to fit any size. Please search eBay for model first. If not found and you wish to help me expand my range then I will need the following information: Scope brand and model, focus knob outside diameter (accurately measured with a vernier) and a side and top photo. Also any other relevant measurements.

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