BSA R10 Slide Loader

BSA R10 Slide Loader

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Single shot slide loader to fit all variants of multishot BSA R10 guns.

Not suitable for single shot guns.

Will fit Gamo guns but they do not have a magazine retaining pin so the loader will not be retained in the gun when the bolt is back.

Available in 3D printed ABS and high quality laser sintered Nylon.

Should also fit all BSA guns which use the standard BSA multishot magazine.

  • Scorpion (untested)
  • Scorpion SE tested
  • Ultra tested
  • Buccaneer (untested)

If you buy for an untested gun and it does not fit I will give a no quibble refund or work with you to make one that does fit.

The loader can be used as an insert or a slide if the magazine latch is slid back. The pellet is held in place by a BS205 nitrile O Ring.

This loader is intended for use in competition shooting but is also suitable for use in the field.

During testing the accuracy was excellent probably due to low pellet distortion. Movement of the loading bolt is very smooth with less contact than the OEM loader. I also found the loader less fiddly to use than the OEM loader.

Stock is maintained is 177 and 22. 25 is made to order so may take an extra day to dispatch.

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