Air Arms S200 Improved Loading Tray

Air Arms S200 Improved Loading Tray

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Air Arms S200 Improved Loading Tray and Extra Wide Tray

This tray provides a backstop to make loading your S200 easier. It stops the pellet rolling through the breach. The tray can be installed either way round for loading from the left or the right.

Two versions are available, please check below before selecting:

Narrow - Fits all versions of S200 and CZ200

Wide - Fits single piece stock supplied with Mk3 S200 and CZ200. Requires a small amount of stock to be removed for some two piece Mk1 and Mk2 stocks. A small piece of stock needs to be removed to install this tray. This can easily be done with a sharp chisel. This version overhangs the side of the breech and provides ridges to assist pellet location.

The tray is attached using one of the existing hex nuts (not supplied). Stainless screws are available here: