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How to set up Cura to work with a Flashforge Finder

Cura has a lot of advantages over Flashprint and provides much more control over how your print will work. It also allows different nozzle sizes to be used, My favourite feature is ironing. The following configuration should get you going however there are a huge amount of settings to tweak.

The start g code includes a wipe / purge across the front of the build plate. This can be removed if needed.

You will need to go into Cura configuration and add a new generic printer. Then copy the settings below into the printer configuration.

BEWARE: Cura can create filenames that are too long for the printer and will result in an error after copying the file to local memory.

Start and end G code pasted below images for easy copying.




;start G code
;Machine set up

M104 S{material_print_temperature} T0 ; extruder temp
M107 ; fan off
G90 ; absolute positioning
G28 ; home
M132 X Y Z A B; load axis offsets from eeprom
G1 Z50.00 F400 ; Lower bed
G161 X Y F3300 ; home x and y to min
M6 T0 ; select tool 0
M907 X100 Y100 Z40 A80 B20 ; Set motor voltages
M108 T0 ; Tool 0

;Nozzle purge move

G1 X-70 Y-70 Z0.3 ;Move to bottom left
G1 X70 E20 F1500 ; Extrude across bed
G1 Y-69.6 ; Move up 0.4
G1 X-40 E20 F1500 ; part way back extruding
G1 X-70 F2000 ; Drain nozzle
G1 Z5 ; lift head

;Main G Code Here

;End G Code
M104 S0 T0 ; heaters off
G28 X Y ; Home x and y
M18 ; disable stepper motors


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