Free Download: 100mm Bottle Shoe for 3 litre tank

I made this for my own tank. The print time is too long for it to be economic to produce but you are welcome to download and make your own. 

Recommended print settings:

  • Ideally 0.5mm nozzle (0.4 will take longer)
  • Material TPU or equivalent flexible filament. (PLA is too brittle.)
  • Layer height 0.3
  • Top, Bottom, Perimeter 5 layers.
  • No brim
  • Bed 40C, Extruder 220C (varies between filaments).
  • Infill 25% triangular
  • Supports none needed
  • Speed 35mm/s for TPU

Free Download Here

It takes about 13 hours to print. Please let me know if you make one.

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